Cultural Experience Activities

Hanji Craft (Tent 1)

Hanji is Korean traditional handmade paper. The artist, Suk-hee Park, will demonstrate and give a lesson about how to decorate fans using Hanji.

Profile / Artist: Suk-hee Park

2016. 2 Give a lecture for Korean traditional lamp at Östasiatiska museet
2014.5~8 Participation in the Paper exhibition at Pappermuseet i Frövi
2014.3 Korean traditional lamp exhibition at Östasiatiska museet
2014.2~ Give a course for making lamp at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm
2012.6 Participation in New York Temple stay ceremony
2012.5 Contribution to the production of the sculpture “Hwaeomsa three-storey pagoda of four lions“ at Seoul City Hall
2001.2 Graduated Department of Sculpture, School of Art, Hong-Ik University

hanju 2
hanji 5

Hangeul Class (Tent 2)

Hangeul is Korean alphabet which is known as one of the most scientific languages in the world. The lecturers Duklyeong Hwang and Gaon Yang will teach you Hangeul.

Program Time
Lecture 1 (Ducklyeong Hwang) 12.00-12.35
Lecture 2 (Gaon Yang) 13.00-13.35
Lecture 3 (Ducklyeong Hwang) 14.00-14.35
Lecture 4 (Gaon Yang) 15.00-15.35
Lecture 5 (Ducklyeong Hwang) 16.00-16.35
 Lecture 6 (Gaon Yang) 17.00-17.35

Cooking Class (Tent 3)

The class for making Kimchi and Dasik. Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. Dasik is a Korean dessert, which is a mixture of honey and different types of ground ingredients, and mainly enjoyed with Korean tea.

>> All classes are full <<

program time
Dasik 12.00
Kimchi 13.00
Dasik 14.00
Kimchi 15.00
Dasik 17.00
Kimchi 18.00
Dasik 19.00
Kimchi 20.00

Traditional Pattern Colouring (Tent 4)

You can come and be creative colouring our traditional Korean patterns that used to be applied to house interior and exterior design, clothes, furniture, etc.


Calligraphy (Tent 6)

Korean calligraphy is the Korean tradition of artistic writing in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) or Hanja (Chinese characters). The artist will write your name in Korean phonetically with his distinctive style of calligraphy.

Profile / Artist: Woobock Lee

1966 Graduated Department of Painting, School of Art,

Sorabol University.

1969 Graduated Department of French, Konkuk University

1971 Took course in Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris

1969 won Golden prize in First Gusangjeon contest

2012 Won grand prize in Amateras, Sovia, Bulagaria

Currently member of the KRO


Program Time
Calligraphy 12.00-14.00
Break 14.00-15.00
Calligraphy 15.00-17.00
Break 17.00-18.00
Calligraphy 18.00-20.00

Korean Tour information (Tent 7)

We provide you useful travel tips and general information about Korea. You can get a variety of leaflets and booklets for free.

Try on a Hanbok (Tent 8)

Hanbok used to be daily clothing for Koreans and is now worn for special occasions such as traditional holidays and weddings. It is characterised by vibrant colors and patterns as well as unique shape of curves. In this activity tent anyone, adults or children, can try on a Hanbok and take pictures by yourself.

Folk Games (Tent 9)

Five different types of Korean traditional folk game sets are prepared for you to play; Yutnori, Jegichagi, Paengichigi, Gongginori and Tuho. For detailed instructions on how to play click here.

K-POP Dance Class (Tent 10)

The participants will be able to learn K-Pop choreography with the help from the instructors, Josephine Holmström.


12:30 Oh! By SNSD, dance instructor: Elina.

13:25 Passionate short performance and workshop.

15:00 Clap by TEEN TOP, dance instructor: Elina.

16:30 Oh! By SNSD, dance instructor: Elina.

18:30 Clap by TEEN TOP, dance instructor: Elina.

Each workshop is approx 45 min long. After 19:15, if there is interest, the dancefloor will be open for anyone who wants.

Kid Zone (Tent 15)

Children can also enjoy their time at the Festival! We have prepared to show Korean animations on TV, many character toys that children can freely play with inside the tent and also colouring and sticker materials.




Taekwondo (Tent 17)

A Taekwondo master, Ji-pyo Lim, will be on the scene to give a lesson on basic Taekwondo techniques.




taekwondo 2